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Kdenlive MP4 profile to export small files and good details

Kdenlive Export Profiles by Bartoloni
I used 2 years ago' this profile to store some quadcopter videos (1080p) reducing size a lot
Oct 28 2019

Chapter Skipper

VLC Extensions by victorpascu
This extension lets you automatically skip a chapter of your choosing when the video reaches
May 06 2018

Lower Third Title // Titre pour tiers inferieurs - Rectangle

Kdenlive Title Templates by candideu
Free lower third title template for Kdenlive, using a rectangular design. There is a subtle animation where the graphic moves slightly toward the left. To use it, download the file, open Kdenlive, open the title dialogue window, hit CTRL + O to open a document, and select the file. It's...
addon text thirds title video kdenlive
Dec 11 2018