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City Lights

Plasma Color Schemes by ranjan
Plasma color scheme and Konsole colors based on [url=]City Lights[/url], a suite of beautiful dark theme goodies for Atom, Sublime Text 3 & Visual Studio Code [url=]For Firefox theme, Install Firefox...
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Jan 01 2020

KDE neon Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by atahabaki
KDE neon logo and it's name which is actually neon & foggy background. Enjoy the view!..
wallpaper artwork plasma kde
Nov 07 2019

MakeThatPape - Generated wallpapers

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by reightb
In its current form, it is integrated with KDE but can be very easily integrated in something else (via
procedural wallpaper dynamic generated plugin linux unix extension kde plasma wallpaper-plugin
Jan 11 2020

Rich Text Viewer

Plasma 5 Applets by NasRatb
Rich Text Viewer is a Plasma applet that shows any text (field using RichText type - you can use some html tags for text) loaded from user defined source (url). This is great plasmoid to show data from your server.
kde linux unix extension plasma-5 widget plasma
Oct 04 2019

my Linux desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by enkymarte
My desktop, ... I switched to Linux a year ago and I love it
linux unix screenshot kde plasma
Oct 25 2019

The Laughing Man Splash Screen

Plasma Splashscreens by ditaajipratama
Plasma Splashscreen with animated The Laughing Man logo. The Laughing Man (笑い男 Warai Otoko) is a fictional character in the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.
linux unix theme kde plasma plasma-5 splashscreen iconic fiction
Nov 02 2019

Minotaur Cryptocurrency Ticker

Plasma 5 Applets by jkcdarunday
A KDE Plasma 5 Plasmoid for monitoring cryptocurrency exchange rates on various exchanges
linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget crypto plasmoid kdeplasma
Nov 03 2019

Matrix Transparent Plasma theme

Plasma Themes by freefreeno
theme to make my Plasma theme so the original is here: I am using
linux unix theme kde plasma kdeplasma
May 19 2019

Super Dark plasma theme

Plasma Themes by freefreeno
:// More screenshots are here:
kde kdeplasma plasma linux unix theme
May 19 2019

Super Dark color schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
There is two color schemes. Super Dark and Super Darker Icons in the screenshots are the Korla icons found here: The GTK themes are here and they have been fixed in case you tried them and they were not to your liking.
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme kdeplasma
May 19 2019