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GTK3/4 Themes by jameslondonuk
I never liked the green theme on Ubuntu Mate and in 18.04 altering the Appearance didn't work for some reason... I searched everywhere for a theme but couldn't find one so have just made my own. All I've done so far is to copy the gtk3 stuff from Ambiance into a copy of Ambiant-MATE and use the...
mate linux unix theme gnome
Jul 09 2018


Gnome Shell Themes by JSZVB
Tweaked adwaita gnome shell theme so that - no app-menu-icon is shown - all icons on the panel (especially those on the the right) have the same padding - frequent/all buttons in the app-grid take less space - smaller padding for the dash - no dropdown arrows on the panel
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell equally-spaced no-dropdown-arrows no-app-icon
Jul 29 2018


GTK3/4 Themes by lei00
Just the Arc theme with windows icons from lacapitaine
arc macos simple linux unix theme gnome
Jul 04 2018

Breeze Brown GTK3 Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by murat-cileli
Breeze Brown GTK3 theme, based on Breeze Dark. Use with Wonton Soup Brown KDE color scheme:
gtk3 theme brown dark-theme kde linux unix gnome
Aug 01 2018

Mint Aqua xl_cheese

GTK3/4 Themes by xlcheese
Cinnamon desktop theme that complements this one: Made a few tweaks to the Mint Aqua Theme for Cinnamon. Added a hover effect to the file browser tree. Squared up the buttons. Removed excess borders. Tweaked Adwaita Metacity to match this...
cinnamon mint linux-mint linux unix theme gnome
Jun 23 2018

Sundae and Sundae-Cin

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
With this theme I did my very best to try and capture a sort of chocolate look. Same thing as all the rest of my themes with text coloring and raised looks. Is a darker theme that was quite unique a few years ago when I first worked on it. I did my very best to recreate it and correct every...
linux unix gnome theme
Nov 21 2017

Black_Knight and Black_Knight-Cin

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
For those of you that love it dark, this one should be appealing. Formed from the idea that Black is beautiful, I have done my very best to blend that color with many others to produce this theme. Once again, better believe there is no white text coloring as that should be burried with the past....
linux unix gnome theme
Nov 21 2017

BeiTanbro_II and BeiTanbro_II-Cin

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
The BeiTanbro look is back. The reason this theme started is highly due to sunlight and the fact many people originally thought I could not do light themes. Sure, I am not a severe genius by any means with themeing, but by all means, who really is? First time, I tried this I blew it as came out...
linux unix gnome theme
Nov 21 2017

Cyana-3D V2 and Cyana

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
Cyana-3D gives way to this more update, upbeat look. Still running on the same principle that says a decent theme need not be over 4000 lines of script and can easily load on any device. I could go on for days about all the issues and errors I found, but that would bore everyone to tears....
linux unix gnome theme
Nov 21 2017

kylin dark 16.04

GTK3/4 Themes by xnidos
i tweaked "ubuntu kylin" theme for ubuntu 16.04 unity.this is just sharing/informing. Suggestion use:la capitane icon theme
linux unix gnome theme
Aug 12 2017