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OpenBox EFBright

LXQt Themes by OlliFri
A semi-bright openbox theme with a horizontal gradient. The topic comes from my project EFBright All that can be found here: Ein halb helles Openbox Thema mit horizontalem Farbverlauf. Das Thema stammt aus meinem Projekt EFBright All das hier zu finden ist:...
linux unix theme lxqt
Apr 11 2021


LXQt Themes by Hazuki
This is one of those things I'm really surprised no one's made yet: a Clearlooks-inspired LXQt theme. It only took a couple of hours to make, and I'm hoping it will eventually get added into LXQt proper to help it blend in with existing programs and themes. LXQt's panel, like the standalone...
lxqt clearlooks linux unix theme
Sep 28 2020