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I wanted to imagine what the world(s) around Alpha-Centuri might look like. The main wallpaper of this theme was produced using Bryce 4 running on Windows95 running as a task under Linux (complements of VMware!) The colors of the theme were carefully massaged to give a "easy to read" theme which was also "easy on the eyes". Instructions for installing and activating the theme for KDE 2.0 can be found in the README files. To unpack the tarball file of this theme, 1) copy the file to your home directory, 2) use: tar -xvzf alpha-KDE2.0.tar.gz Also, the skin for gkrellm can be found on and the skin for xmms can be found on


18 years ago

windows that one can see through, is that a feature of a (this) theme of is that something the window manager (KDE) must be capable of? i really like that, but i don't want to install all kind of different themes just to have transparent windows when KDE itself can do it also...



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