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Breeze Neutral Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by banzaigtv
Grayscale variant of the Breeze Dark color scheme. Version 1.1: Bugfix to make inactive titlebar
breeze linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
6 .0
Nov 09 2020

Ubuntu Breeze

Konsole Color Schemes by prtk-alpha
A Konsole colorscheme combining the default themes of Ubuntu terminal and Breeze, the default KDE
konsole ubuntu breeze addon
5 .0
Aug 14 2020

Breeze GRUB2 theme

GRUB Themes by gustawho
A minimalistic GRUB theme inspired by Breeze, the default style for Plasma 5 / KDE Frameworks
bootscreen grub burg linux unix splashscreen breeze plasma kde
7 .8
Aug 15 2020

Breeze Round Corners

Full Icon Themes by ju1464
The Breeze icons elegance combined with other icons visual appearance like Adwaita or Suru, make
breeze icons linux unix
8 .4
Jun 04 2020

Eye Pleasing

Plasma Color Schemes by Masque
breeze window decoration.
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme breeze pastels
5 .6
Jun 24 2020

Sleek and Futuristic

Plasma Color Schemes by Masque
You don't have to be neon blue/pink to look cyberpunk. :-)
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme dark breeze cyberpunk green gold
5 .0
Jul 02 2020

Breeze grey folders pack

Full Icon Themes by zalgofox
Here is a simple mod for the breeze icons. Just the breeze but folder and the dolphin icons is grey
grey gray folders breeze linux unix icon-theme
5 .0
Jun 13 2020

Soft Blue and Red

Plasma Themes by Masque
A plasma theme to couple with the same color scheme. This is basically the default breeze
blue red breeze papirus linux unix theme kde plasma
5 .0
Jun 19 2020

Breeze Papirus Dark

Plasma Themes by indigoraul
Breeze Dark theme that supports Papirus icon set and the color scheme of your choice. Installing
breeze papirus dark linux unix theme kde plasma
6 .0
Jun 15 2020


Plasma Splashscreens by indigoraul
A minimal splash screen with just a loading animation. Instalation: Place the Minimal folder at /home/[YOUR USERNAME]/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/ (hit Control+H to show hidden folders)
linux unix theme kde plasma plasma-5 splashscreen breeze minimal splash
5 .0
Jun 21 2020