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Custom Pantheon/iPadOS/BigSur Layout

Latte Layouts by Ryuke
A custom layout based on Pantheon layout with an adaptive top panel and floating dock inspired
macos ipados pantheon floating big-sur linux unix extension dock latte
7 .7
Jul 25 2020

R and M

XFCE Screenshots by messiaslima
XFCE desktop with Global menu, windowck and Plank dock
xfce macos windowck dock linux unix screenshot
5 .0
Feb 18 2020

Sweet LoliPOP

Gnome Screenshots by messiaslima
GTK Theme: Sweet Dark Icon theme: McMojave Circle Purple Extensions: Dash to Dock and User
5 .0
Feb 19 2020


DockbarX Themes by reorr
Theme for dockbarx xfce panel plugin
linux unix dock dockbarx extension
5 .8
Jun 12 2018


DockbarX Themes by reorr
Themes for dockbarx xfce panel plugin
dockbarx theme dock linux unix extension
5 .0
Jun 12 2018

Clean XFCE desktop with plank

XFCE Screenshots by messiaslima
Simple and clean XFCE Desktop with Plank-Dock
5 .8
Sep 27 2018


Global Themes by tenten8401
Inspired by Gnome. Use in conjunction with Latte Dock! Most distros have this in their repos
6 .3
Mar 08 2018

High Breeze WIP

Global Themes by ahstn
:// I use Latte Dock: Should be available on your package manager (dnf install latte-dock
5 .0
May 05 2018

Elementary Dark Theme for Plank

Plank Themes by childishgiant
A theme for plank attempting to emulate Elementary OS's dark theme. To install the theme, download and place the folder in ~/.local/share/plank/themes/
dark elementary linux unix dock plank extension
5 .0
Mar 08 2019

Frost Plank Theme

Plank Themes by dikiaap
Quite dark Plank theme. [b]Installation:[/b] 1. Download the .zip file. 2. Extract the .zip file. 3. ./ or copy Frost directory to ~/.local/share/plank/themes/ [b]Usage:[/b] 1. Run this command in your Terminal: plank --preferences 2. Then select Frost as your Plank...
linux unix dock plank dark-theme extension
7 .9
Jun 15 2018