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Cairo Dock with Gnome-Panel Session

Various Gnome Stuff by paudelanup
This is for those who wants to use Cairo dock with gnome panel instead of unity 2d panel.
5 .0
Oct 02 2013

fosco_ Cairo Dock theme

Various Gnome Stuff by dmolinap
My first cairo-dock theme, based on Djoole theme. Feel free to use, modify and distribute
5 .0
Jun 20 2008
5 .0
Jun 04 2009

Task Dock Applet (deb package)

Various Gnome Stuff by fausto23
that organize open windows in icons, just like WIn7, docks or xfce4-panel This is the only release
6 .3
Jan 30 2009

Cell phone signal (Cairo Dock gauge)

Various Gnome Stuff by nestort
Cairo-Dock gauge intended to use for WiFi signal quality monitoring. It imitates a typical cell
5 .0
Jul 18 2010

Ubuntu DarkRoom Like Bottom Cairo Dock

Various Gnome Stuff by Beleriand
Hi there, I uploaded cairo dock themes that replace a bottom or top&bottom panels of Ubuntu
5 .0
May 19 2009

Nestort Buuf-like

Various Gnome Stuff by nestort
This is an icon theme for Cairo Dock weather applet. Awesome original art by mattahan (http
5 .8
Oct 12 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by derma
A theme for [b]DockbarX[/b]. [b]P[/b].[b]S[/b].: This DockbarX theme is intended to use
5 .0
Jan 22 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by cbleslie
This is a direct replacement for the stock "Glass" theme that is deployed with Docky it's PPA
6 .7
Oct 06 2010


Various Gnome Stuff by paudelanup
An attempt to make the linux green. A Green version of cairo dock.
5 .0
Oct 02 2013