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Windows 7 style Panel Background

Various Gnome Stuff by ExtraLeonard
window manager to Emerald Install DockBarX Install GnoMenu, Find "True 7 HD" button and "Windows
5 .3
Jan 02 2011

Tonky Desktop

Various Gnome Stuff by bigrza
(DA) and some from me. panel: dockbarx with own theme and agm. wallpaper Blank 009267 by ~lethalNIK-ART
5 .0
Sep 01 2009

Gnome Panel Skins - cKPanels (24px)

Various Gnome Stuff by cKGunslinger
panels.) For my own use, I wanted a panel that appeared to *not* be docked to the edge of the screen
5 .0
Apr 01 2009

Sanctuary - mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by v1ncent
This is a mockup of a GUI concept: - Better use of the Dock space (Like the "gimmie-bar
5 .0
Feb 18 2007