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Plank Themes by 170719
[h4][b]Doca Plank Theme[/b][/h4] Wallpaper Available at: [URL=]Powered by Linux X079 by 170719[/URL] [color=#e43100][b]Three simple steps to install this or other Plank theme[/b][/color] ( Note that this only works, if you already had installed Plank!...
linux unix extension dock plank dark ios mojave
7 .1
Oct 01 2019

Elementary Dark Theme for Plank

Plank Themes by childishgiant
A theme for plank attempting to emulate Elementary OS's dark theme. To install the theme, download and place the folder in ~/.local/share/plank/themes/
dark elementary linux unix dock plank extension
5 .0
Mar 08 2019