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Ember for Docky

QtCurve by garthecho
A port of the Ember Plasma theme to Docky. To install: Extract the archive to /usr/share
5 .0
Jun 15 2010

Kanzi Suite

QtCurve by Scnd101
Plasma Theme Fancy Tasks dock background Color Scheme As a workaround to get different icons
5 .8
Nov 28 2009

Groovy (QtCurve) Style

QtCurve by maarizwan
there are many dockers and toolbars with a lot many buttons and other widgets, this style gives a 'comfortable
6 .7
Oct 12 2010

Milky Suite (aka Milky Air)

QtCurve by Goamaus
. The dock seen on the screenshot is CairoDock. Please tell me if it all works as it should, cause
5 .0
Aug 04 2009


QtCurve by Scnd101
chatstyle Chrome Theme Audacious/XMMS/Winamp classic Theme Docky Theme Gmail Plasmoid read & unread
8 .1
Jan 27 2011

OxygenRings-Respin Theme Pack

QtCurve by schnelle
on Metallic-glass emerald theme:
7 .0
Mar 18 2011