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Full Icon Themes by rtl88
Things look different after their crushed - fruit and ice are no exception. Enjoy the colorful look of these culinary items... CRUSHED. CRUSH Icons & Folders aim to bring a warm, lively, colorful, and elegant experience to your desktop with four color variants. CRUSHED-Blueberries,...
multicolor blue purple gradient dark-theme linux unix icon-theme
7 .9
Jun 09 2020

Dragon icons

Full Icon Themes by nesuko
[color=#008E02]Dragon theme for KDE[/color] Theme information: Icons (based on breeze icons): [url=][/url] Aurorae theme: [url=][/url] Plasma theme:...
linux unix icon-theme kde dark
6 .0
Jun 01 2020


Full Icon Themes by perfex
Umicons for GNOME Now with 256 sizes that haven't been seen in more than a decade Thoughts & suggestions appreciated... Icons created by Mattahan circa 2003
icon-theme linux unix umicons
8 .6
May 24 2020

Round mix

Full Icon Themes by creater
Round mix . All Tested in Ubuntu 17.10 Contains all default and third party app icons, Based on OrancheloTeam
linux unix icon-theme
6 .0
May 19 2020

ketsa icons

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
lovely icons with gradients to give depth, Inspired by the work of yoga in Dribbble, do not hesitate to visit their site. now I also have inspiration from sikebo's work, the creation of these icons is especially complicated, contributions are always welcome, know more about the work of...
icon-theme linux unix 1600x900 kde gnome
8 .7
May 31 2020

Super flat remix

Full Icon Themes by creater
Based on Oranchelo is a flat-design icon themeĀ .... In remix version * Added new places icons. * more remake new icons
linux unix icon-theme
6 .7
May 18 2020

Mac mod 1.1 flat icon

Full Icon Themes by creater
...Mac flat mod..... GNOME 3.32 COMPATIBLE (Tested only on Fedora 30 beta) GNOME 3.30 COMPATIBLE Based on Papirus icon theme.
linux unix icon-theme
5 .0
May 18 2020

KwinDE -- Windows 10 Icons

Full Icon Themes by hblanqueto
These icons are not original, they are the union of other 3 windows created by their respective creators so the credits are for them, below you will find the name of each of them as well as their respective creator to support them. How often will you update it? These icons will take a long...
linux unix icon-theme icons windows10 kde
6 .0
May 27 2020

pacifica newlook

Full Icon Themes by fedelta
pacifica newlook.... Add new modifide icon and colorsĀ  Add new place icon... Thanks for original creater.... Installation You have two possibilities to install. 1. Manually: Download the .zip file, extract it and place the folder Pacifica and Pacifica-U in /home/user/.icons...
linux unix icon-theme
6 .7
May 15 2020

Keepin icons

Full Icon Themes by adhe
Keepin icons Icon theme based on Deepin - classic icons with color variants Dependencies: * Papirus icons [color=#17B529][u][b]Coffee[/b][/u][/color] If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I...
deepin plasma kde linux unix icon-theme
6 .0
May 23 2020