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Dolphin Service Menus by DaHoC
:// for Changelog. [b]Installation for KDE5/Plasma
addon pdf converter image kde dolphin
7 .8
Jul 20 2020

Mount Iso [NO root]

Dolphin Service Menus by loup
: $ udisksctl loop-delete -b /dev/loop0 Addon uses udisksctl utility, which is already installed in kde
6 .0
Jun 27 2020

Lock/unlock directory service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by donbcilly
). To move this out of top-level and into Actions, remove/comment-out the "X-KDE-Priority=TopLevel" line.
5 .0
Jun 11 2020

Open Dolphin as root

Dolphin Service Menus by loup
Now you can open the dolphin with root Works with kde5 plasma Attention: if you do not know
5 .8
May 17 2020

KDE 5 Service Menu ReImage

Dolphin Service Menus by GiuseppeBenigno
Description: Manipulate images e their metadata. kde-service-menu-reimage is a package
8 .1
Apr 30 2019

KDE 5 Service Menu PDF

Dolphin Service Menus by GiuseppeBenigno
KDE 5 Service Menu PDF v.2.3 Here are various KDE 5 service menus for PDF documents LESS
pdf servicemenu kde dolphin-service-menu kde5 addon
7 .7
Apr 13 2019


Dolphin Service Menus by blue-bullet
A service menu to secure delete your files and folders in dolphin file manager.
5 .0
Mar 19 2019

KDE 5 Service Menu EncFS

Dolphin Service Menus by GiuseppeBenigno
One KDE service menu for encFS encrypted directories. With this script you can: - (automagic
addon kde encfs dolphin dolphin-service-menu kde5
6 .3
Feb 12 2019

Add timestamp to files for KDE 5

Dolphin Service Menus by MathiasRenner
" Installation takes 1 Minute: Announcement
5 .0
Feb 08 2019

KDE 5 Service Menu Touch File

Dolphin Service Menus by SeaEagle
Very simple. Use Touch File from the context menu to change single or multiple file and/or directory times to the current time. Works with all file types. Note: This is not recursive. Touching directories will not change the times of files or directories contained within them.
5 .0
Feb 18 2019