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Kvantum by leo5sk
Layan theme but with breath colours Layan-breath mostly changes the highlight colour to match breath's, while retaining similarity to original theme (1st screenshot) Layan-breath2 sticks more to breath's colours but departs from layan considerably. Would be better for those who use many...
theme unix breath kvantum layan linux manjaro kde
Score 58.0%
May 27 2020

Celeste - Kvantum

Kvantum by Dannel
Celeste un tema inspirado en Material Design y Liri OS Celeste a theme inspired by Material Design and Liri OS [b]- Aurorae Themes:[/b] [url=][/url] [b]- Plasma Color Schemes:[/b] [url=][/url] [quote][b]Please support...
theme unix linux kvantum plasma kde
Score 65.0%
Mar 23 2020

mojave CT

Kvantum by zayronXIO
Theme for kvantum whith apparence of macos mojave. the aurorae theme is the following
unix yosemite theme plasma linux macos mojave kde kvantum
Score 75.5%
Dec 08 2019


Kvantum by adhe
PearKv kvantum theme for Plasma inspired by PearOS :) * Plasma theme [url=
theme unix plasma kde kvantum linux
Score 66.7%
Jun 26 2019


Kvantum by adhe
Oie, an incremental project done for fun ;) .
unix theme kvantum kde linux plasma
Score 68.8%
Apr 28 2019

Mojave Dark

Kvantum by Luwx
A macOS mojave dark mode like theme for Kvantum. Latte Layout:
kvantum qt kde macos dark-theme linux unix theme
Score 86.2%
Feb 26 2019

Adapta KDE

Kvantum by x-varlesh-x
Adapta KDE - This is a port of the popular GTK theme Adapta for Plasma 5 desktop with a few
adapta linux kde kvantum theme unix
Score 76.7%
Aug 28 2018

Evolvere Dark Kvantum Theme

Kvantum by franksouza183
A refined and clean Kvantum theme for dark environments. Recommended for dark color schemes, but can be used in bright environments as well. Discrete grainy texture. The blue color (which does not follow the color scheme) represents attention, focus and selection.
theme unix linux kvantum kde
Score 50.0%
Mar 18 2018