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Kameleon GTK

Various Plasma Theming by rwml
10 seems to looking like KDE so ... ## Credits This theme is adapt from original Windows 10 by Maxime
theme unix plasma kde linux
Score 58.0%
Sep 07 2019

Vista glass

Various Plasma Theming by TheBlackKnight-1
Transparent glass theme for kde. Requirements: - (K)Ubuntu - Plasma 5.12 desktop. - QtCurve
kde linux plasma glass unix vista theme transparent
Score 67.1%
Mar 30 2019


Various Plasma Theming by caig
A KWin decoration based on the appearance of the Mandriva Galaxy theme decoration. It offers few customization options: title alignment, title shadow and roundness of the corners. Default to resemble the original decoration. Still a bit raw. Installation: $ plasmapkg2 -i package_name.tar.gz
theme unix galaxy linux kde kwin mandriva plasma
Score 63.3%
Sep 07 2017