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Gradienty Breeze

Plasma Themes by kevinthomas
Similiar to breeze, A colorable dark theme with gradient for legibility and transparency in panels
oxygen dark gradient transparent blur linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 60.0%
2 days ago


Plasma Themes by obnosim
! A Yakuake skin to match this theme can be found here: [url]
dark black soft complete fuzzy linux unix kde plasma theme
Score 81.6%
Mar 01 2020


Plasma Themes by freefreeno
so that is why you have different wallpapers in the screenshots. https
plasma5 kdeplasma dark materia flat linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 71.4%
Feb 27 2020

Monochrome KDE

Plasma Themes by pwyde
A dark theme for the KDE Plasma desktop environment inspired by black and white photography. See
plasma dark monochrome linux unix theme kde greyscale
Score 50.0%
Feb 19 2020


Plasma Themes by skylineone044
This plasma theme is based on Nilium: with a few widgets from plasma-MojaveCT-Dark: and some edited by me It is meant to complement my kvantum theme: Stardust-kv
kdeplasma dark blur linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 50.0%
Jan 19 2020

Rosegarden Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes by ohyran
A beautiful Plasma Desktop Environment for Harret (aka Harald Sitter) to enjoy during the Henley Regatta or High Tea Opaque and Dark, based off of Qogir Dark (which is excellent check it out here )
linux unix theme kde plasma harriet roses pink dark
Score 50.0%
Dec 26 2019

Genome Minimal Dark

Plasma Themes by doncsugar
Vanilla: Breeze Dark with new tray and task icons Classic: Slightly adjusted Breeze that's easier on the eyes Ultra: A lively redesigned Breeze with colored accents on selections A modified version of Breeze Dark that tries to be minimal with smaller, but readable task indicators on...
dark minimal breeze kdeplasma dark-theme linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 60.0%
Dec 12 2019

Genome Light

Plasma Themes by doncsugar
Ultra: Unique redesign of Breeze Classic: Somewhat refined and softened Breeze Vanilla: Nearly stock Breeze, only includes Genome's icons Inverted: Dark version of Ultra The Contrast Effect is recommended for readability with Ultra. Suggestions and critiques are welcome and desired to...
linux unix theme kde plasma light breeze kdeplasma dark
Score 68.6%
Dec 12 2019


Plasma Themes by sira313
/PapirusDevelopmentTeam/arc-kde Remixed by Sira Argia -
blur dark glass linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 73.3%
Dec 07 2019


Plasma Themes by mrcuve0
[/b]: [/list][img][/img
silicon dark plasma theme linux unix kde
Score 60.0%
Dec 07 2019