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PopKde icon theme

Full Icon Themes by adhe
# PopKde icon theme This package is a set of scalable icons based in
linux unix icon-theme icons plasma kde gnome
Score 58.0%
Sep 26 2019


Full Icon Themes by ZMA
Snowy for new computers [url][/url] for KDE, QT, MATE, GNOME, XFCE
Score 58.3%
Mar 05 2020


Full Icon Themes by x-varlesh-x
And KDE color scheme:
Score 89.1%
Mar 01 2020

Neon Knights

Full Icon Themes by ju1464
/p/1301852/]GTK Theme[/url] [/list] -NEON KNIGHTS FOR KDE PLASMA: [list] [*][url=https
Score 70.0%
Feb 28 2020

Breeze Round Corners

Full Icon Themes by ju1464
[url=]Breeze Icon Theme[/url]. [b]Installation:[/b] Extract
Score 78.8%
Feb 16 2020

10 Icons

Full Icon Themes by elbullazul
Icon theme for KDE and GNOME based DEs Based on Windows 10 1909's icons
Score 66.7%
Jan 21 2020


Full Icon Themes by ju1464
://[/url] - [i][b]Oxygen[/i][/b]: [url]
Score 77.1%
Jan 09 2020

Just blue icons

Full Icon Themes by kicshikxo
theme based on Zafiro blue for KDE or other
Score 58.0%
Mar 16 2019

New Icon Set Bright Cream Folder

Full Icon Themes by OlliFri
desktops. Icon set for KDE Gnome Xfce Lxqt and many other Desktops. The icon set can used for all
Score 65.0%
Apr 15 2019

neon icons

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
First sample of the new set of icons "neon", is inspired by the concept of "sweet dark" of the subject "sweet" of the user ELIVERLARA. This set is very small currently, use it with zafiro-icons
linux unix icon-theme icons gnome xfce kde lxde
Score 80.7%
Jun 21 2019