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Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)

Various Plasma Theming by skulptor
Smaragd is a window decoration engine for the KDE window manager KWin. It allows you to use Emerald
unix theme kde linux plasma
Score 84.4%
Jul 31 2017

WINE dark color scheme

Various Plasma Theming by helg
Dark theme for Wine. Installation instructions: in the regedit window, import the downloaded file with the .reg extension, then restart the wine app.
linux lutris plasma scheme kde theme wine winehq unix color
Score 50.0%
Jun 09 2020


Various Plasma Theming by alislaur
A flat, white, pink theme. This includes kvantum, latte layout, plasma & colour themes.
pink plasma kde linux material flat white theme unix
Score 50.0%
May 18 2020

Kameleon GTK

Various Plasma Theming by rwml
10 seems to looking like KDE so ... ## Credits This theme is adapt from original Windows 10 by Maxime
theme unix plasma kde linux
Score 58.0%
Sep 07 2019

Fixed Elegance Clock for Plasma 5.16

Various Plasma Theming by donbcilly
This is an SVG file to replace the Elegance ( clock which
plasma linux kde clock elegance unix theme
Score 50.0%
Aug 26 2019

Vista glass

Various Plasma Theming by TheBlackKnight-1
Transparent glass theme for kde. Requirements: - (K)Ubuntu - Plasma 5.12 desktop. - QtCurve
kde linux plasma glass unix vista theme transparent
Score 67.1%
Mar 30 2019

Plasma 5 Windows Blur

Various Plasma Theming by TheXellix
This is my first upload on this site. To apply this theme you need to: Have OpenGL enabled Import the "BlurRule" to kwin's rules Download and make executable "Enable" put "Enable" at startup. This theme is like Oxygen-transparent but it works on all themes Thanks to...
theme unix blur dark-theme 1024x768 plasma plasma5 linux kde
Score 67.1%
May 24 2019

K10 v 1.0 (plasma 5.9)

Various Plasma Theming by fapasv
:// Tema plasma: K10enBlack ( Tema Aurorae: WindowsK10
kde linux plasma unix theme
Score 63.3%
Mar 16 2017


Various Plasma Theming by alex2580
Breeze window decoration with blur enabled For installation instructions please read this:
unix theme blur kde linux plasma
Score 75.6%
Nov 01 2018


Various Plasma Theming by alex2580
Windows 2000 style Breeze window decoration fork For installation instructions please read this:
plasma linux kde theme unix
Score 58.0%
Mar 11 2018