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Plasma 5 Applets by driglu4it
Easy to use translation plasmoid (GUI for translate-shell package). Reguired translate-shell package. Note: Updating to this version requires removing the widget from the desktop or panel and adding it again. A reboot is also required. Update to 0.2: Added translation engine...
extension widget unix kde kde5 plasma plasma-5 linux
Score 88.4%
Jun 28 2020

Configurable Button

Plasma 5 Applets by markip
*A Configurable Button Plasmoid (yet another on-off switch)* This is a button that allows to run script when toggled (on and off scripts) and to monitor status by status script. The new thing is an option to configure icons. *Configuration* The plasmoid can by configured in the settings...
unix widget extension plasma plasma-5 plasmoid kde kde5 switch linux
Score 70.0%
Mar 05 2020


Plasma Themes by altenate01xyz
Windows 7 like theme with Oxygen icons. This theme was created for Plasma 5. -Under Development- -will get updated- please rate/like the theme on ------------------- Updatelog: New Applicationlauncher-Button Some fixes New configuration icons and other...
aero theme windows7 unix plasma kde5 kde oxygen linux
Score 75.6%
Dec 30 2019

KDE Plasma Galactic Wallapaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by bryanscott
KDE Plasma Galactic Wallapaper
galaxy artwork plasma kde kde5 kdeplasma wallpaper
Score 60.0%
Dec 02 2019

hello. colorscheme

Plasma Color Schemes by n4n0
A dark and light colorscheme to perfectly match the hello. suite of things.
colorscheme unix theme kde5 linux kde plasma plasma5
Score 60.0%
Nov 15 2019


Global Themes by phob1an
You _need_ this Kvantum theme: []. Tzen-Dark is a Windows Dark inspired look for Plasma.
theme unix kde5 kde linux look-and-feel looknfeel plasma
Score 60.0%
Oct 26 2019


Full Icon Themes by nim7
elementary OS icon set for KDE. Includes: elementary-kde-rt - yellow folders. elementary-kde
kde5 kdeplasma icon-theme kde linux unix
Score 67.5%
Sep 16 2019

One Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by atomridge
One Dark colour scheme for KDE, based on the colour scheme for the Atom text editor. NOTE
colorscheme unix theme plasma plasma5 kde onedark kde5 linux
Score 63.3%
Aug 13 2019

ArtixLogo Black

Plasma Splashscreens by menelkir
Black Splash Screen based on
kde kde5 kdeplasma plasma plasma-5 splash splashscreen linux artix theme unix
Score 50.0%
Aug 10 2019

Aqua Striped

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by m4qu3l4n
Aqua Striped KDE window decoration . It's not an SVG Aurorae theme, but one in QT5 and C++.
extension decoration unix theme kde plasma plasma-5 linux kde5 kwin
Score 50.0%
Jul 09 2019