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Plasma 5 Applets by driglu4it
Easy to use translation plasmoid (GUI for translate-shell package). Reguired translate-shell package. Note: Updating to this version requires removing the widget from the desktop or panel and adding it again. A reboot is also required. Update to 0.2: Added translation engine...
extension widget unix kde kde5 plasma plasma-5 linux
Score 88.4%
Jun 28 2020

Configurable Button

Plasma 5 Applets by markip
*A Configurable Button Plasmoid (yet another on-off switch)* This is a button that allows to run script when toggled (on and off scripts) and to monitor status by status script. The new thing is an option to configure icons. *Configuration* The plasmoid can by configured in the settings...
unix widget extension plasma plasma-5 plasmoid kde kde5 switch linux
Score 70.0%
Mar 05 2020


Plasma 5 Applets by bxabi
It indicates the on or off status and temperature of the Nvidia card on the Optimus systems, when bumblebee is used.
kde5 kdeplasma linux plasma-5 kde nvidia plasma bumblebee extension unix widget
Score 72.5%
Mar 19 2019