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Aritim-Light [Flat Blur]

Plasma Themes by mrcuve0
-KDE/master/QRCode.jpg[/img] [color=#2E4669][b]Acknowledgements:[/b][/color] I would like to thank
aritim light plasmatheme kde plasma linux unix theme
7 .0
May 05 2020

Accento Light

Plasma Color Schemes by caig
Light color schemes based on the [URL=
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme breeze light
5 .8
Jun 15 2018

Macbreeze Shadowless

Plasma Themes by michaldybczak
# Theme for KDE Plasma 5 Based on default Breeze It differs from original: - It has light
linux unix theme kde plasma semi-transparent light
7 .4
Aug 19 2018