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Genome Light

Plasma Themes by doncsugar
Ultra: Unique redesign of Breeze Classic: Somewhat refined and softened Breeze Vanilla: Nearly stock Breeze, only includes Genome's icons Inverted: Dark version of Ultra The Contrast Effect is recommended for readability with Ultra. Suggestions and critiques are welcome and desired to...
linux unix theme kde plasma light breeze kdeplasma dark
Score 68.6%
Dec 12 2019


Plasma Themes by mrcuve0
[h1]Aritim-Light-KDE[/h1] [h2]A Look-and-Feel theme for KDE, pleasant to the eyes and perfect
linux unix theme kde plasma aritim light
Score 65.0%
Sep 07 2019


Plasma Themes by paju
Unity inspired Theme with white top bar based on United and Air themes
unity kde plasma white light linux unix theme
Score 50.0%
Jun 18 2019

Breeze Legacy

Plasma Themes by vmorenomarin
Based on default Breeze Light and MacBreeze-Shadowless It has light semi-transparent panel and notifications (so the blur can be enabled) with black font and icons. The panel doesn't have a shadow which creates a flat, coherent look with maximized light windows. Line Breeze icons...
blur macos breeze light minimalist linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 67.1%
Jan 17 2019

Macbreeze Shadowless

Plasma Themes by michaldybczak
# Theme for KDE Plasma 5 Based on default Breeze It differs from original: - It has light
linux unix theme kde plasma semi-transparent light
Score 74.0%
Aug 19 2018