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Sea Grass

Plasma Color Schemes by jayjmay
Sea Grass is a light theme the people who really like green. Screenshots feature [url=] Genome Minimal Classic[/url] as the Plasma Theme and [url=] Breeze Rainbow Folders[/url] as the Icon Theme. Get blurred windows with...
unix theme linux light plasma seafoam kde colorscheme green
Score 50.0%
May 28 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by theZest
Yaru Aqua Light color scheme fitting respective Kvantum theme, made for use with Breeze decoration. Please note that this scheme is for Kvantum widget style. Compatibility with Breeze style is untested. Kvantum theme:
aqua colorscheme yaru theme unix kde linux plasma light
Score 50.0%
May 24 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by mrcuve0
-KDE/master/QRCode.jpg[/img] [color=#2E4669][b]Acknowledgements:[/b][/color] I would like to thank
plasma linux kdeplasma light kde theme unix colorscheme aritim
Score 66.7%
May 05 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by x-varlesh-x
ROUNDED Colors inspired by Breeze style.
light kde plasma rounded linux breeze colorscheme dark unix theme
Score 60.0%
Feb 03 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by GooGkhaN
KDE Plasma Umar Color Scheme Green Color Code is #82abaa Wallpaper from Leonardo Wong https
color colorscheme green kde plasma light linux mint theme unix
Score 50.0%
Jan 02 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by thepseudo
upgrades. I also miss it on KDE, and their similarities and beautiful design made me wonder: would
blue colorscheme azure light plasma linux kde unix theme windows7
Score 63.3%
Jun 20 2019

Steel and Sapphire

Plasma Color Schemes by bunnymnemonic
Easy on the eyes color scheme for daily use. Best looking with Breeze Plasma theme.
unix theme blue colorscheme contrast plasma light kde linux
Score 50.0%
Mar 11 2019

Yuki - Red colour scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by azarilh
Red version of Yuki-Pink:
colorscheme plasma red kde light linux theme yuki unix
Score 50.0%
Mar 01 2019

Yuki - Pink colour scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by azarilh
Light theme with pink is kinda cute. That's the only reason i made it. :D Red version:
pink linux kde plasma light colorscheme white yuki theme unix
Score 58.0%
Jan 29 2019

pgLIGHT - Dark Title Bars

Plasma Color Schemes by pg00
A light theme with darker title bars. To be used with
plasma kde light linux minimal colorscheme grey unix theme
Score 50.0%
Sep 12 2018