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Darker Breeze Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by flipwise
This is a fork of Breeze Dark which inverts the view and background colors, creating a more darker all-around experience. There are some minor tweaks to colors, most notably highlight color is now not as bright.
kde linux plasma scheme theme unix color colorscheme dark
Score 50.0%
May 06 2019

Night mode for kate / kwrite

Plasma Color Schemes by koko2k
A color scheme i made for Kate/Kwrite. Unfortunately there is no category for this kind of themes, so i've to put under "Plasma Color scheme". Hope you enjoy it too!
color colorscheme unix theme kate kde linux plasma scheme kwrite
Score 58.0%
Apr 10 2019

Night mode for konsole / yakuake

Plasma Color Schemes by koko2k
Color scheme for konsole terminal which integrates good with others "Night mode" products.
konsole kde plasma scheme linux color colorscheme theme yakuake unix
Score 50.0%
Mar 28 2019