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KDE Plasma Screenshots by lorendb
This is my Mac-like setup. I used the McMojave global theme with the Os-Catalina icon pack. I manually set the Plasma style to McMojave as well. I installed Slingscold (from the bionic sources) for my Launchpad alternative and Kpple Menu for my system menu. I also have the Inline Battery widget...
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May 19 2020

KDE Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by sajith
unix kde plasma screenshot linux
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Apr 10 2020

KDE Plasma Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by marcinw2
My Plasma Desktop
unix plasma screenshot kde linux
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Apr 10 2020

KDE, KDesktop, Karamba

KDE Plasma Screenshots by kgyt
My desktop after install...
kde plasma screenshot linux unix
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Jul 05 2007

Pardus on Kde 3.5-Looking as KDE4

KDE Plasma Screenshots by kobzeci
theme.Best thing is the wallpaper.This is my desktop i am using rock solid Kde 3.5.9 which look likes like
plasma screenshot kde linux unix
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May 24 2008

KDE 4.0 look (kde 3.5)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by darknoize
I've made a replica of the new KDE 4.0 desktop in KDE 3.5 with an aero-G taskbar. I could use
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Jan 20 2008


Screenshot Tools by damir
screenshots. # Features Latest ksnip version contains following features: * Supports Linux (X11, KDE
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Jun 25 2020

openSUSE + KDE Plasma = Customization

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Mr_M
SO: openSUSE Leap 42.3 + KDE Plasma 5.32 Plasma Theme: Silicon
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Feb 25 2018

KDE Material WIP

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Rekkjak_Stevenson
Not finished yet.
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Dec 08 2017


Gnome Screenshots by nibinbhaskaran
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Feb 12 2010