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KDM3 Themes by drankinatty
kdedigital_kspash is the companion ksplash theme to the kdedigital_kdm kdm theme. In combination
Score 50.0%
May 09 2020


KDM3 Themes by drankinatty
kdedigital_kdm is a new kdm theme for KDE3. It is based on the moodin engine. The native size
Score 50.0%
May 09 2020

Materia Equilux Color Scheme for KDE Plasma

Plasma Color Schemes by fahad64
Materia Equilux Color Scheme for KDE Plasma based on Equilux Theme:
theme unix plasma materia kde kdeplasma linux color colorscheme equilux
Score 50.0%
Apr 17 2020

Quarks Splash Darker

Plasma Splashscreens by igflavius
This splash is based on by ADHE I made it darker. :D
plasma-5 splashscreen linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 50.0%
19 hours ago


Aurorae Themes by trece13th
Original product by ELIVERLARA ***Description*** It's theme is inspired by Ant It includes theme aurorae + color schemes Extra Icons >>
theme unix linux kde plasma
Score 63.3%
Jun 02 2019

Splash con logo de KDE neon color verde

Plasma Splashscreens by xabi
Splash sencillo con logo de KDE neon en color verde. InstalaciĆ³n: extraer el contenido del zip
theme unix kde splash splashscreen plasma plasma-5 linux
Score 50.0%
Feb 10 2019

Girls With Slingshots

Plasma Comic Sources by Arucard
Girls With Slingshots [1] plugin for Plasma Comic. [1]
unix extension comic-source linux plasma kde
Score 58.0%
Jun 11 2020

Aritim-Light [Flat Blur]

Plasma Themes by mrcuve0
-KDE/master/QRCode.jpg[/img] [color=#2E4669][b]Acknowledgements:[/b][/color] I would like to thank
theme unix aritim linux light plasma plasmatheme kde
Score 70.0%
May 05 2020

Computing Machine

GTK3 Themes by jamiemichelle
; GTK+ 3/GNOME 3 applications; Qt 4/KDE 4 applications; and Qt 5/KDE 5 applications via the Qt5
Score 82.1%
Apr 16 2020

Aritim-Dark [Flat Solid]

Plasma Themes by mrcuve0
://[/img] [color=#2E4669][b]Acknowledgements:[/b][/color
unix theme color dark dark-theme aritim kde plasma linux kdeplasma
Score 60.0%
Apr 20 2020