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Breeze grey folders pack

Full Icon Themes by zalgofox
or ~.local/share/icons/ enable the icons on the system settings menu enjoy ^^ Breeze icons by the KDE
Score 50.0%
Jun 13 2020

Breeze Round Corners

Full Icon Themes by ju1464
[url=]Breeze Icon Theme[/url]. [b]Installation:[/b] Extract
Score 82.1%
Jun 04 2020

Cupertino iCons Collection

Full Icon Themes by umayanga
[b]Cupertino iCons Collection[/b] for GNOME, KDE, elementaryOS and Deepin OS Cupertino: macOS
Score 81.8%
May 27 2020

Crystal Remix

Full Icon Themes by dangvd
Crystal Remix is a Crystal icon theme for KDE Plasma 5, created by combining/mixing different
Score 80.0%
Jan 02 2020

Aurora Nuevo Icons

Full Icon Themes by bolimage
://]Breeze[/url] icon theme.
Score 89.6%
Sep 27 2019