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Install kvantum and completely change plasma kde

Screencasts & Tutorials by zayronXIO
to perform the tutorial it is necessary to install the following dependencies. [code]sudo apt-get install g++ libx11-dev libxext-dev qtbase5-dev libqt5svg5-dev libqt5x11extras5-dev libkf5windowsystem-dev qttools5-dev-tools cmake checkinstall[/code] I also leave you the link to download the...
Score 60.0%
Dec 08 2019

Checkout Elcalc Calculator On KDE Neon VIDEO

Screencasts & Tutorials by charlie-henson
Thank you for watching You can find Elcalc here:
video kde neon calculator elcalc
Score 60.0%
May 28 2019

Creation of long flat shadow in inkscape

Screencasts & Tutorials by zayronXIO
is used in the video, for the kdenlive edition. and the OS is Deepin the music was extracted from
Score 60.0%
Nov 18 2019

Convert to gif

Dolphin Service Menus by reightb
Please note, I also have a webm -> mp4 and vice versa on the KDE Store :)
Score 50.0%
Oct 31 2019

clip aereo

Documentaries by zayronXIO
video extracted from the page, visit it. free audio, from
Score 50.0%
Oct 08 2019

turquoise ocean

Documentaries by zayronXIO
video extracted from the page, visit it. free audio, from page
Score 58.0%
Oct 08 2019


Plasma 5 Multimedia by zanturik
Plasmoid for viewing youtube videos on your desktop. You should have google account to use this plasmoid. Current version 3.0.2 Features: * playing youtube video :) * searching video, channels and playlist * presets editing and sorting (settings -> youtube channels -> click and hold,...
linux unix extension plasma-5 widget multimedia kde plasma youtube player video
Score 76.4%
Nov 05 2019

Smart Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by adhe
] Video desktop wallpaper for plasma KDE, based on "/u/samrog" plugin wallpaper. [color=#ff0000] NEW
linux unix extension kde plasma wallpaper-plugin wallpaper video
Score 75.6%
Oct 11 2019


Video Editors by salsaman
LiVES is a simple to use, yet powerful video editor and VJ tool. It allows you to combine realtime and rendered effects, streams and multiple video/audio files, and then encode to over 50 formats. It is small in size, yet it has many advanced features. LiVES is part editor, part VJ tool. It...
Score 55.0%
Aug 22 2019

La Chute d'Une Plume [pese plus que ta pudeur]

Animated by Zecas
with a real Open Source license : - source files are CC-BY-SA - binary (our rendering done with Kdenlive
Score 52.0%
May 04 2019