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Various Plasma Theming by alex2580
Windows 2000 style Breeze window decoration fork For installation instructions please read this:
kde linux unix plasma theme
5 .8
Mar 11 2018


Various Plasma Theming by skulptor
and copyright: Michael Lentner, see for details
linux unix kde plasma theme
5 .8
Jul 31 2017

Windows10 dark look&feel

Various Plasma Theming by edoard
Windows10 dark look&feel and telegram theme
linux unix kde plasma theme
5 .0
Sep 26 2017


Various Plasma Theming by caig
A KWin decoration based on the appearance of the Mandriva Galaxy theme decoration. It offers few customization options: title alignment, title shadow and roundness of the corners. Default to resemble the original decoration. Still a bit raw. Installation: $ plasmapkg2 -i package_name.tar.gz
linux unix kde plasma theme kwin galaxy mandriva
6 .3
Sep 07 2017

Aurorae Theme Engine

Various Plasma Theming by mgraesslin
[b]This version is for KDE SC 4.3. If you use KDE SC 4.4 or later, please use the version
kde linux unix theme plasma
8 .2
Aug 14 2009

xane kwin decoration

Various Plasma Theming by edgarek
xane kwin decoration
linux unix theme kde plasma
5 .8
Jun 06 2016

Win8 decoration theme

Various Plasma Theming by demitriusbelai
Windows 8 decoration theme clone in QML. Color schema: Active Background #4D8CE3 Active Foreground #282828 Inactive Background #E0DFDE Inactive Foreground #282828 [b]Install[/b] Set execute permission and run it as normal...
linux unix theme kde plasma
5 .9
Dec 16 2015

Plastik Transparent

Various Plasma Theming by demitriusbelai
Plastik Transparent. Differences from Plastik Classic: * Solid colors. No gradient. * Square buttons. * Shadow style is outline. Plastik was raised style. (Disabled by shadow option in config) * Transparency. Duh! (Opacity can be changed in config) [b]Install[/b] Set execute...
linux unix theme kde plasma
6 .3
Sep 13 2014