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Griffin Colora

Full Icon Themes by Shenron
Griffin Colora is designed to provide your distro a flat modern and different look. It is based on Sardi. New icons will be adding with every update. Just download the tar package and extract it in the .icons directory. Then change the icons with distribution specific tools like Gnome tweak...
icon-theme linux unix 1024x768 kde gnome debian xfce cinnamon ubuntu
5 .0
Jun 07 2018

Griffin Brave Dark

GTK3 Themes by Shenron
A totally different theme for Linux distributions. Its a flat theme based on materia and provide a nice elegant look to the desktop. *Available Packages: -- Gnome Shell theme -- Xfce theme -- Metacity Theme NOTE: THEME IS NOW SUPPORTED BY GNOME 3.28 and the transparency bug is fixed....
1024x768 kde gnome debian gtk3 linux unix theme
5 .0
May 05 2018


Wallpapers Gnome by gfxccoorpinc88
If u love the abstract, this is for you.
kde gnome abstract linux debian wallpaper artwork
5 .0
Mar 25 2018


Wallpapers Gnome by gfxccoorpinc88
Simplify.....I hope u like.
wallpaper artwork gnome kde background linux debian
5 .0
Mar 25 2018

winner harmonica Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by afterolmcc
winner harmonica Icon theme Created by using DamaDama theme
icon-theme linux unix kde gnome debian
5 .0
Mar 01 2018

Debian Gray edition 4k

Wallpapers Debian by gfxccoorpinc88
Enjoy it :D
kde gnome abstract debian linux wallpaper artwork
5 .0
Feb 18 2018

Debian Blue edition 4K

Wallpapers Debian by gfxccoorpinc88
Enjoy it..
wallpaper artwork debian kde gnome background abstract
5 .0
Feb 18 2018

debian streetwork II

Wallpapers Debian by gnokii
Another wallpaper in streetart-design fedora:
5 .0
Dec 29 2008

Debian Wallpaper

Wallpapers Debian by bdheeman
A simple KDE wallpaper for Debian lovers. Plz do have look at mathcing KDM and KDE themes: [url
5 .0
Dec 02 2008

Debian MoreBlue

Wallpapers Debian by edoviak
"Debian MoreBlue" theme in some of the early KDE packages for Debian Lenny. For reasons unknown, it seems
5 .0
Jan 19 2009