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Various KDE Stuff by bazhenovc
A very simple utility, that switches any X11 window to fullscreen mode without grabbing mouse/keyboard and allowing window switching. Tested with Sauerbraten and several other SDL games. Quick recipe: Just focus on the desired window and run fullscreenize :) It will do the trick. Also...
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Oct 24 2011

Collection of Dutch po-files

Various KDE Stuff by Rinse
into Dutch. The aim of the collection is to provide a cvs database with (allmost :o) all KDE-translations
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Mar 08 2005


Various KDE Stuff by hman
Comex Project is a cross platform suite to exchange commands with smartcard using PC/SC standard readers or smartmouse
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Sep 15 2011


Various KDE Stuff by earendilfr
Just a change from the Plasma application "plasma-mpc 0.2" for compatibility with new KDE API
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Sep 01 2009

ThinkPad Volume OSD

Various KDE Stuff by vold
. Dependecies: python-alsaaudio dbus bindings for python Kosd [url]
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Aug 24 2011

My kroller1024

Various KDE Stuff by Adenilson
This is the bar to access the most popular applications in your Kde.
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Jul 18 2011


Various KDE Stuff by cleitonfelix
. Currently, the program is available only in Brazilian Portuguese and the documentation is linked to KDE
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Oct 19 2009

Freehand Gestures

Various KDE Stuff by nhnFreespirit
Here is another preview of my gesture recognition program for KDE. This time with configurations
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Apr 24 2006


Various KDE Stuff by kickass
Conceived for LXDE it can also work for KDE and GNOME, just make sure you install the dependencies
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Feb 09 2011

Xgl Binaries for AMD-Athlon-XP optimized

Various KDE Stuff by linmain
and it will be installed in /opt/Xgl. use this script to execute KDE from a minimal session, preferable without any
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Apr 08 2006