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Open file manager as root [krusader]

Dolphin Service Menus by risu
Service menu for opening krusader with root privileges. Krusader is additional KDE file manager
Score 60.0%
Sep 09 2019


Dolphin Service Menus by nikore90
KDE Service Menu for compressing/decompressing 'Scalable Vector Graphic' -files. Can compress
Score 65.6%
Aug 29 2019

Meld Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by romankiefer
the package manager. [u] KDE Framework 5 [/u] Storage location as there are 2 paths to choose from. Copy
Score 65.6%
Jul 03 2019

Color Folder

Dolphin Service Menus by HessiJames
A KDE service menu for changing the color of specific folders, compatible with KDE4 and Plasma
Score 80.9%
Aug 06 2018

Open Alacritty Here

Dolphin Service Menus by gxtony
/ to make it global. Inspired by Open Tilix Here (Like open konsole here):
Score 50.0%
Dec 08 2018

ISO Mounter-Unmounter

Dolphin Service Menus by cipricus
to the locations mentioned below.** A service menu to mount and unmount iso files. It is based on KDE-Services
Score 72.2%
Jun 25 2018

Pdf-Afterscan Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by koko2k
or the JPEG compression settings, allowing you to reduce the size. Requirements: KDE/Plasma
Score 63.3%
Oct 17 2018

Compress to Service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by thevladsoft
In kde4 there was the option to compress files to rar format directly with the contextual menu
Score 63.3%
May 29 2018

Write ISO to USB drive [isoimagewriter]

Dolphin Service Menus by alex-l
page: The source is here:
Score 50.0%
Dec 22 2017

Meld Compare Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by Naraku
Score 50.0%
Jul 02 2018