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Various KDE Stuff by xtremek2008
A few weeks ago someone posted KEyes on and I liked it so much I just HAD to make
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Nov 20 2008


Various KDE Stuff by sundance
one the fine faces of the members of the KDE e.V. board, on a day I was bored. KEyes henceforth
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Oct 22 2008

Brasillinux Versao Comercio

Various KDE Stuff by lhamas
The practical objective of our first deal is to cover the micro-enterprises with a complete operating system, and free, including the business management program "Stoq." Features: 1 - distribution based on Debian currently has more than 20,000 programs in their mirrors for free download. 2...
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Oct 20 2008


Various KDE Stuff by wusel1007
A simulation of an wristwatch
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Aug 16 2008

Prayer Times Plasmoid

Various KDE Stuff by hesham
This is a Plasmoid that tells Islamic prayer times in KDE 4. It supports being placed
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Jun 22 2008


Various KDE Stuff by qsn2000
QSocialNetwork can display the relations of different people among each other. Current focus is/was on soap operas - they give the best example of complex social networks ;-) content is provided for "Lindenstrasse", of course you can create your own content. Future implementation entirely...
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Jun 18 2008

Metabar White

Various KDE Stuff by homeworld21
themes for Metabar of konqueror
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Mar 26 2008


Various KDE Stuff by toonmuylkens
or higher. (It runs on KDE3,KDE4,Windows - On linux you need Qt4.3 to be installed) Qtrainer plots your
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Mar 15 2008


Various KDE Stuff by supertunaman
Qontacts program is a simple addressbook application based on code by John W. Rittinghouse, author of "A Beginner's Guide to Gambas", the book from which the code was taken. The original code had a few bugs that kept the overall program from functioning properly, so I decided to fix the bugs,...
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Jan 19 2008


Various KDE Stuff by revenant
) - Running KDE4 Session + Plasma Installation : # Extract the gzip archive : tar -xvf plasma
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Jan 10 2008