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KDM3 Themes by drankinatty
kdedigital_kspash is the companion ksplash theme to the kdedigital_kdm kdm theme. In combination
5 .0
May 09 2020


KDM3 Themes by drankinatty
kdedigital_kdm is a new kdm theme for KDE3. It is based on the moodin engine. The native size
5 .0
May 09 2020


KDM3 Themes by technoshaun
Again this is only a picture of the background I used to make the theme. I used all fresh material I gathered off the Internet to create the graphic elements I used in this theme. Background size is 1240 X 800
5 .0
Dec 22 2007

KDE List

KDM3 Themes by thebeez
A theme based on Kubuntu list, but this one is distribution neutral. Unfortunately, my SuSE 9.2 doesn't support KDM themes. But it is still a shame to let it go to waste. It isn't tested, but any errors should be trivial to correct. Comments welcome.
5 .0
Aug 14 2007


KDM3 Themes by TheDepressiveRat
A KDM theme, made from scratch with the GIMP. I hope you will enjoy it... Comments are welcome !
5 .0
May 08 2007

Clear KDE

KDM3 Themes by ma78th
5 .0
Apr 12 2007

Blue KDE

KDM3 Themes by xactive
Theme for KDM with KDE logo ;) Based on 1. Gentoo-Blue boot splash from http://www.kde
5 .0
Jan 12 2007

KDE Moon

KDM3 Themes by michao
A KDM theme to go with the KDE moon splash screen
5 .0
Dec 02 2006

Enter KDE

KDM3 Themes by loramel
Enter KDE KDM Theme. My first attempt at creating a KDM Theme. Hope you enjoy it.
5 .0
Sep 21 2006

LoveKDE KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes by invernomuto
. KDM Theme based on moodwrod's "LoveKDE" Splash Screen (you can find it at
4 .6
Oct 30 2007