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Windows 7 Full Theme - KDE Plasma only

Desktop Concepts by linlinxza
Some of the work is mine and other people's work. Credits can be found in the README.
6 .0
Mar 15 2020
2. Mockup

Desktop Concepts by expiration
This is a Mockup for the KDE Website. In my eyes all KDE related websites (e.g. Kde-apps.*, kde
5 .0
Feb 01 2008

Kdenlive: Mockup 01

Desktop Concepts by sz332
First Kdenlive mockup. Idea is based on the Windows Video Editor.
5 .0
Feb 28 2007

Kdenlive: Call for Contribution

Desktop Concepts by sz332
Kdenlive is a video editing GUI for KDE using the MLT video framework. It supports transitions
5 .0
Feb 26 2007

Mockup - KDE Control Center

Desktop Concepts by joaofa
Hi, these 3 screenshots were made as a rearrangement of the KDE Control Center. I din't want
5 .0
Jun 17 2005

KDE Media Center (idea)

Desktop Concepts by djworld
does with KDE PIM programs. At the same time this is a suggestion for KDE programmers about how
5 .8
Jul 19 2004

Infinitive OS Desktop

Desktop Concepts by infinitiveteam
Infinitive OS Desktop is a KDE Desktop the created for Infinitive OS
6 .0
May 09 2020

Simple kmenu

Desktop Concepts by naruto-uzumaki
idea simple menu for kde inspired by the android menu
6 .3
Mar 23 2018

Amarok Screen Saver

Desktop Concepts by boskicinek
Amarok Fullscreen ( Thanks, man. Great job
5 .0
Feb 16 2007

Metal Deluxe Windec (mockup)

Desktop Concepts by Lechio
This is a proposed native KDE window decoration. Currently on mockup, design is not final. It looks
5 .0
Aug 27 2005