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Konsole Color Schemes by freefreeno
/p/1297506 For wallpapers in the screenshots go to Charlie Henson's:
konsole color kde plasma kdeplasma addon
7 .3
May 20 2020

Materia Manjaro Dark Konsole theme

Konsole Color Schemes by freefreeno
[color=#00c599]Konsole theme for the Materia Manjaro Dark KDE Plasma theme[/color] Enlarge
addon kdeplasma konsole dark plasma kde
6 .0
May 20 2020

Pidgin Krunner Plugin

App Runners by isrealrios
Krunner plugin that provides the list of buddies in Pidgin making it possible to start a conversation from Krunner. Installation: download and install. or compile from sources: download...
addon krunner pidgin purple plugin kde
6 .0
May 15 2020

Thunderbird Breeze

Thunderbird Themes by x-varlesh-x
Breeze icons for Thunderbird. INSTALL: Copy folder "icons" and file "userChrome.css" to directory ~/.thunderbird/PROFILE_NAME.default/chrome/ Restart Thunderbird.
addon breeze kde
5 .0
Nov 13 2019


Konsole Color Schemes by adhe
Pear Dark colorsheme for konsole terminal, Pear Light Look & Feel
konsole color kde plasma addon
5 .0
Jul 07 2019


Konsole Color Schemes by adhe
Green peas colors for konsole terminal, GreenPeas4Plasma Look & Feel
color konsole plasma kde addon
5 .0
May 26 2019

Insane Aqua Blue

Konsole Color Schemes by freefreeno
This the Konsole color scheme that matches the Insane Aqua Blue KDE Plasma theme. The color
addon konsole kde kdeplasma plasma5 plasma
5 .0
Jun 01 2019


Konsole Color Schemes by adhe
Light colors for konsole terminal, Neve4Plasma Look & Feel
konsole color plasma kde addon
5 .0
May 10 2019

Darkine KDE - Konsole

Konsole Color Schemes by Rokin
Konsole color-schemes used in Darkine theme.
addon darkine konsole plasma kde dark
5 .0
May 14 2019

Wayward Dark Konsole Color Scheme

Konsole Color Schemes by charlie-henson
Adapted for the Wayward Dark Plasma Color Scheme from here: Big
addon kde plasma konsole terminal
5 .8
Apr 21 2019