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Office Apps by tamlok
Designed specially for Markdown, VNote is a Vim-inspired note-taking application, which knows programmers and Markdown better. VNote is a Qt-based, free and open source note-taking application, focusing on Markdown. VNote is designed to provide comfortable edit experience. VNote is NOT...
app software kde
5 .0
Jan 06 2018

OpenDocument format Reader/Writer odt

Office Apps by patrik08
OpenDocument Reader is write from new i leave Okular KDE Porting 25 Oct 2013 new port from
5 .0
Oct 25 2013


Office Apps by ChaosWars
NFO file viewer for KDE. The only one I could find was KNfo which isn't being developed anymore
5 .0
Jan 23 2008
4. Writer

Office Apps by kendy
with professional layouts, as well as create and publish Web content. This version contains KDE integration: KDE
5 .0
Nov 26 2004


Office Apps by bobuse
ktxt2tags is a txt2tags front-end for KDE. For more information, see txt2tags project homepage
5 .0
Nov 27 2006
6. Calc

Office Apps by kendy
2D and 3D charts. This version contains KDE integration: KDE Native Widget Framework, KDE Crystal icons, and KDE
4 .6
Nov 26 2004


Office Apps by michal
Simple XML Viewer for KDE written in Python. Note: 'iks' is a czech pronunciation of letter
5 .0
Jan 13 2007


Office Apps by mrudolf
KnowIt is a tool for managing notes. It is similar to TuxCards, but KDE-based (it requires KDE
5 .0
Mar 31 2004


Office Apps by atlanter
BooKreader is a Linux KDE twin-panel text files reader/viewer specialized in reading e-books
5 .8
Jul 03 2007

koobe - ebooks in konqueror

Office Apps by mattepiu
New version 2.0 (in python) deps: pykde pyQt This version reads only epub files,no lit.To
5 .0
Sep 10 2007