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Kup Backup System

System Software by sideshow
. This allows you to open files and folders directly from an archive, with any KDE application. - A file
8 .7
Jun 02 2020

Kate Perl Plug-In

Developers Apps by dirlin
, (mod_perl) Debugger, open sub Menu. 1.9 is the old Version for KDE4 you can find the latest builds
5 .8
Jul 30 2019


Graphic Apps by sallewell
link is to the official KDE download mirrors. RPMs are maintained for Fedora and OpenSuSE
6 .3
Jul 01 2019


Graphic Apps by sallewell
by the user. The download link is to the official KDE download mirrors and contains a source tarball
7 .2
Jun 09 2019


Video Editors by salsaman
LiVES is a simple to use, yet powerful video editor and VJ tool. It allows you to combine realtime and rendered effects, streams and multiple video/audio files, and then encode to over 50 formats. It is small in size, yet it has many advanced features. LiVES is part editor, part VJ tool. It...
5 .9
Aug 22 2019


Audioplayers by SebAmar
interface * Clean and simple user interface * No GNOME or KDE dependancies [b]Dependancies
8 .2
Mar 23 2019

GRUB2 Editor

System Software by artemisfowl2007
A KDE Control Module for configuring the GRUB2 bootloader. Smoothly integrated in KDE System
8 .2
Jul 25 2018


System Software by binro
KmTail is a KDE version of the venerable Ktail program. It has pretty much the same features
5 .8
Jul 22 2018


Utilities by Vindex17
[u]Folder synchronization and backup tool for KDE[/u] [b]Features:[/b] - Smart automatic
8 .0
Mar 01 2017

x265/HEVC GUI for ffmpeg

Video Apps by metallaro1980
x265/HEVC GUI for ffmpeg Gambas 3 freeware source-code freeware unpack in /home/xxxx/x265GUI it generates a command line for ffmpeg (using x265 video codec) with your customs options (override preset) or with a default preset. it will create also a file under the home...
kde gnome linux app software
5 .0
Mar 05 2018