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Big Sur Aurorae Themes

Aurorae Themes by fkorpsvart
[b]Big Sur Aurorae[/b] [b][i]This is a modification based on vinceliuice's theme, WhiteSur-kde
big-sur macos kde aurorae plasma linux unix theme
6 .0
Jul 15 2020


Aurorae Themes by pr0cella
Qt backgrounds Full repo with all themes: Suggested Settings
linux unix theme kde plasma aurorae windowdeco
5 .0
Feb 01 2020


Aurorae Themes by sira313
This is remixed aurorae themes based on FormaN by raimis for Plasmashell 5.13+
linux unix theme kde plasma aurorae dark
5 .8
Oct 04 2018

Accento New

Aurorae Themes by crmlt
Accento New KWin Aurorae theme which respects the Breeze color palette Screenshot (High-Res): This theme is based on original Accento theme: Giacomo Barazzetti - New features: - Resize window using right and...
linux unix theme kde plasma breeze dark aurorae accento
6 .3
Jul 21 2018

PlasmaOSX Aurorae Theme

Aurorae Themes by swlx
PlasmaOSX is a aurorae theme like OSX
linux unix theme kde plasma aurorae
5 .0
May 30 2018