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Kde chalk set

Icon Sub-Sets by starwolf
5 .9
Oct 27 2010

I'm KDE_set

Icon Sub-Sets by andrD
just download it.)))
5 .0
Nov 14 2004

Ipodcons for KDE

Icon Sub-Sets by Nasvadi
These are some icons I made for use with the Ipod on KDE.
5 .0
Aug 19 2004

KDE 4 Kids

Icon Sub-Sets by everaldo
me to continue creating icons for KDE. Thanks
5 .0
Apr 06 2004

KDE basketball set

Icon Sub-Sets by starwolf
basket ball icon set
5 .8
Mar 18 2010

Slackware icon for KDE4

Icon Sub-Sets by Axtroz
I wanted a bit more "slackish" KDE and was playing around with the GIMP and this is what I got
5 .0
Feb 22 2010

Simply Mepis KDE

Icon Sub-Sets by starwolf
as Mepis goes to KDE 4 here is a Mepis KDE icon
5 .0
Jan 28 2010

Windows to Kde4 Icons Converter

Icon Sub-Sets by speleoalex
This script convert windows dll icons in kde icons theme. php packages are required and icoutils
7 .6
Nov 23 2012

Animated KDE Linux Mint logo

Icon Sub-Sets by Kyzis
KDE turning Gear with the Linux Mint logo in the center... The following package kde-linux-mint
5 .0
Jul 20 2014

KDE4 Transparent Logo

Icon Sub-Sets by augegr
This is basically the original menu icon from the oxygen project with transparent background and blue text. All credits go to the oxygen people, I just messed up with some layers. I don't know how to use inkscape (or any vector graphics program for that matter) so I imported it in GIMP...
5 .0
Oct 20 2009