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Bluecurve icons for KDE

Icon Sub-Sets by Myst
maybe their distro sucks... but their icon designers made a good work this time! Redhat 8 icons for the masses: here they are.
5 .0
Oct 15 2002

iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey
iKons is a hi-color icon theme for both KDE2 and KDE3. It contains 16x16 icons, 22x22 icons, 32x32
5 .0
Mar 02 2002
5 .8
Jun 19 2007

Throbber: KDE Logo [CCW]

Icon Sub-Sets by tyrerj
These are animated icons for Konqueror based on the new KDE Logo. To install, unpack a tarball
5 .0
Jun 02 2007

Logo Debian+KDE icon (Kickoff)

Icon Sub-Sets by tehdrama
A redesigned KDE logo with an added Debian spiral (both are permitted to edit and distribute). Can
5 .4
Feb 07 2011

nuvola KDE Look for Opie

Icon Sub-Sets by l1nux
modified nuvola icons to use in handhelds Opie/Linux ( more screenshot here: Thanks to for best good job is my prefered icons !
5 .0
Mar 29 2006

oo.o ikde icon theme

Icon Sub-Sets by nunopinheiro
kde icon theme, we based much of our work on the current kde theme. So big thanks to Everaldo Colelho
4 .0
Jan 18 2006

Dropline NEU! KDE port

Icon Sub-Sets by eightballbill
This is a Port of the Gnome icon theme called "Dropline NEU!". It has also included knemo icons ported from the original theme. The link should work now.
5 .0
Jan 03 2006

Amarok Systray Icon (KDE 4.5)

Icon Sub-Sets by cloudslayer
An icon to make Amarok fit in better with the KDE 4.5 systray. Two alternatives are offered. You
8 .3
Oct 29 2010

KDE Professional UltraFlat - Outlined

Icon Sub-Sets by RedHyena
Outlined Version Of KDE Professional UltraFlat.
5 .0
Oct 10 2005