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Plasma Themes by veggero
A theme that takes the dominant color from your background as a UI element.
linux unix theme kde plasma
6 .0
May 08 2020

Qogir-light plasma theme

Plasma Themes by vinceliuice
[b] Qogir KDE Plasma Theme [/b] Qogir kde is a flat Design theme for KDE Plasma desktop
linux unix theme kde plasma
6 .0
May 06 2020


Plasma Splashscreens by night-app
Abstract-Mountains-Birds for your splashscreen! For install you can download this from your system settings or need unpack archive to /home/"user name"/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/ If you know how to improve it, write to me: [email protected]
bootsplash bootscreen splash boot plasma linux unix theme kde plasma-5 splashscreen
5 .2
Apr 23 2020


System Runners by alex1701c
The easiest way to install is: curl | bash The plugin gets triggered by the word tmux. After that you can search for a session. If the name does not exist it shows an option to create a new session with the specified...
krunner tmux kde addon terminal
5 .8
Feb 18 2020

Heavenly kingdom of the sun and moonWallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by creativity
Heavenly kingdom of the sun and moonWallpaper 1920*1080
wallpaper kde plasma artwork
5 .0
Feb 01 2020

Breeze with Transparency

Plasma Themes by pyroclasticmayhem
Breeze with 75% transparency Variant without shadow:
linux unix theme kde plasma transparent
7 .1
Feb 17 2020

Rosegarden Theme

Global Themes by ohyran
A fancy global theme for a fancy lady, Harriet (Aka Harald Sitter) - something to use while hacking on behalf of the Vienna Opera house.
linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
5 .0
Dec 26 2019

Flatery Look-and-Feel

Global Themes by Cybernix
Flatery Look-and-Feel - is a plasma theme based on works of Alexey Varfolomeev, original icon theme and color scheme Express my gratitude to [B][URL=]Freefreeno[/URL][/B] for help in creating the theme
linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel flatery violet
6 .7
Dec 11 2019


Plasma Themes by paju
Dark Look and Feel theme inspired by Unity based on United and DarkUnity themes (this is a initial version, based on United but with my DarkUnity theme, the image is how i pretend to be on the end but not there yet :) )
kde plasma unity dark darkunity linux unix theme
5 .0
Nov 06 2019

Gently Colors

Plasma Color Schemes by hawkeye0021
A KDE Plasma theme with the intent of feeling gentle. I want the theme to be easy on the eyes
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
5 .0
Nov 12 2019