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Jomada-Style color-schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by jomada
:// Install: copy the file JomadaStyle.colors in home/.local/share/color-schemes
colorscheme linux unix kde plasma theme
6 .3
Aug 03 2017

EQuilibrium Light Flat

Plasma Themes by eQuilibrium
EQuilibrium Light Flat Plasma theme
linux unix theme kde plasma deskto equilibrium
5 .0
Apr 08 2018

RSS widget

Plasma 5 Applets by MirceaKitsune
My version of the Simple RSS Reader widget. The original can be found here: The most notable chance includes support for media thumbnails, which have a customizable size and you can choose between square and round shape. Background and text colors are...
linux unix extension plasma-5 widget kde plasma plasmoid rss
6 .6
Apr 25 2018

Breeze Lucky

Plasma Color Schemes by crazyfox-ua
Motivated by LuckyEyes, but with love to Breeze. Not too bright, not too dark, not too contrast - your eyes may be thankful to this scheme. Enjoy, hopefully it will be good enough for daily use :)
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme breeze eyes friendly
5 .8
Apr 18 2018

Zelda ALTTP Splashscreen

Plasma Splashscreens by PaulLesur
Zelda ALTTP splashcreen for plasma desktop.
kde linux unix plasma theme splashscreen plasma-5
5 .0
Jan 29 2018


Qt Tools by AlterX
MosaicCrack is a front-end for my library libGenCrack (included in source) that allows to generate universal combinations you want, specifying a dictionary word file, a set of prefix and postifix and multi-thread access to dictionary file. The library use a grid-computing based on local network...
windows linux kde gnome
5 .3
Aug 21 2017


Plasma Themes by WillS
Theme Engine: [url][/url] thankful for your
linux unix kde plasma theme
5 .8
Dec 03 2009

Optimal [Eliminate Eyestrain]

Plasma Color Schemes by Sweyn78
I created this colour theme in an attempt to minimize or at least reduce eyestrain. I took the following principles to heart while designing: * Brighter things are more noticeable than darker things * More saturated things are more noticeable than less saturated things at the same...
colorscheme linux unix kde plasma theme
8 .4
Nov 26 2013


Plasma 4 Extensions by Gerardo
This is the MATRIX widget (Plasmoid). It helps you to rescue the world ... every day! ---- [i] Thanks to Aaron Siego for his daily blog entries - they encouraged me to program this shining piece of software! B-) [/i] ---- Please note that it's probably necessary to restart Plasma if...
plasma-4 widget linux unix extension kde plasma matrix plasmoid
7 .3
Feb 27 2011