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Krunner Pass

System Runners by alex1701c
://, but it has additional features and works the KDE store integration. Please
5 .0
Aug 20 2020


System Runners by alex1701c
have been build on KUbunt18.04 and tested on KDENeon. After installing these packages run: kquitapp5
7 .1
Aug 06 2020

Pidgin Krunner Plugin

App Runners by isrealrios
Krunner plugin that provides the list of buddies in Pidgin making it possible to start a conversation from Krunner. Installation: download and install. or compile from sources: download...
addon krunner pidgin purple plugin kde
6 .0
May 15 2020

Krunner KCModule Template

KDevelop App Templates by alex1701c
Plasma Runner Template. A plasma runner template which includes a KCModule.
5 .0
Feb 17 2020

KRunner JavaScript Plugin DBus

KDevelop App Templates by alex1701c
This is template for a KRunner plugin written in JavaScript which uses the DBus API. Additionally it has npm commands to build a standalone executable (~43 mb) and an executable with all the npm dependencies but without NodeJS (~240 kb). For more information and the advantages of DBus...
5 .0
Jan 03 2020