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amaroK Collection Stats (konversation script)

Various KDE Stuff by madpenguin8
A konvi script for messaging your amaroK collection stats. In the tarball there are two scripts, use if you are running today's ( 8/21/05 ) SVN of amaroK. If you are using a version lower, use
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
Aug 20 2005


Various KDE Stuff by kallcenter
kallcenter is a Voice over IP Callcenter software for outbound Callcenters. It is based on kphone and uses a mySQL database backend. It was developed and tested on SuSE Linux 9.2. Documentation is currently available in german only. Downloads are moved to SourceForge at 15.08.2005....
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
Aug 15 2005

Multi Timer Qt

Various KDE Stuff by DarkShock
This is a small program in Qt4 I developped to replace a MFC application. The program handle multiples timers at the same time. The timers can be count up or countdown. This program was a part of my summer job so I was really happy to work on a GPL Qt4 program during that job :) It was...
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
Aug 08 2005


Various KDE Stuff by liquidchile
SnakeKeeper is a reptile management system for KDE. Its main goal is to facilitate the maintence
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
Jul 17 2005

KBW - Krazy Brain Word

Various KDE Stuff by joshuafr
In smoe lgnagaues, it dseon't mttaer in waht oedrr the ltteres in a wrod are for uedntsrdnanig it. Tihs is bacesue the hamun mnid deos not raed erevy ltteer by iestlf but the wrod as a wlohe. Kzary biarn wrod hples you tipyng scuh txet. Hvae fun! For more information,...
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
Jun 20 2005

[email protected] Applet for KDE

Various KDE Stuff by KevH
RPMs for SuSE 9.0 are now available! [email protected] Applet is an applet for the KDE panel
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
May 07 2005

KPearPC (Mac OS X on Linux)

Various KDE Stuff by probono
Allows you to run Mac OS X on Linux (you must buy Mac OS X seaprately). KPearPC is PearPC 0.4pre_cvs with AltiVec support, precompiled for Linux, plus a graphical interface that hides the configuration file from the user. You can create a 3GB HD image with dd if=/dev/zero of=PearHD.img...
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
May 05 2005

Freehand Gestures

Various KDE Stuff by nhnFreespirit
Here is a VERY early preview of a little something I am working on. This is mostly for advanced users as it is NOT ready for serious use yet.. Freehand Gestures allows you to open applications using pure, always active, multi level, mouse gestures not involving ANY keypresses at all. It works...
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
Apr 26 2005


Various KDE Stuff by Braindead
KChm is a new chm viewer for KDE. It consists of kio_chm, corresponding kpart(so you can view chm
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
Mar 17 2005

Collection of Dutch po-files

Various KDE Stuff by Rinse
into Dutch. The aim of the collection is to provide a cvs database with (allmost :o) all KDE-translations
linux unix extension kde plasma
5 .0
Mar 08 2005