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Glitch in the matrix - KDE ed.

SDDM Login Themes by thevladsoft
An animated SDDM theme. Want to donate a cup of coffee? [URL=]PAYPAL[/URL] [URL=]Liberapay[/URL] Bitcoins: 1NFKuWWA2MRYqU7UAuqxL9U1e4YZsgo27Y Litecoins: MF9yXU3WHC4YtHJdDi3JZdSsrtXBbbE4dH
5 .0
Feb 24 2020

Breeze 5.14 Extended for KDE Plasma

SDDM Login Themes by flipwise
This is a fork of the default KDE Plasma 5.14 theme for SDDM. The purpose of the fork is two
kde kdeplasma plasma sddm theme linux unix
6 .7
Aug 29 2019

Kameleon SDDM

SDDM Login Themes by rwml
10 seems to looking like KDE so ... Two different theme are available, the "original" adding a user like
6 .0
Sep 07 2019


SDDM Login Themes by caig
and [URL=]this[/URL] old KDM4 theme. Alternative SDDM theme: [URL]https
5 .0
Aug 21 2017