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Wallpapers Manjaro KDE

Wallpapers Manjaro by HERO_Hz1999YT
Wallpapers perfectos para el tema brisa claro, o algun otro tema con tonos claros o probar en oscuros xd
wallpapers kde manjaro wallpaper artwork
5 .0
Aug 20 2018

Manjaro Brown And Red Wallpaper

Wallpapers Manjaro by MrMaire
Manjaro Brown & Red Wallpaper.
wallpaper artwork manjaro brown red kde
5 .0
Apr 10 2020

Klorax. Dracula Manjaro

Wallpapers Manjaro by klorax
the [color=#bd93f9]KDE Plasma Look and Feel Theme[/color] ([url=]opaque[/url
5 .0
Jul 25 2019

Klorax. Retrofuturism Manjaro

Wallpapers Manjaro by klorax
. [b]♦ Download Instructions ♦[/b] It is recommended to download the [color=#dd33ff]KDE Plasma Look and Feel
5 .0
Jul 17 2019

Materia Manjaro Dark Plasma Theme Wallpaper

Wallpapers Manjaro by charlie-henson
Wallpaper for the Materia Manjaro Dark Theme By FreeFreeno. Original artwork by Hypnoshot from deviantart, link to original above.
wallpaper artwork manjaro kde plasma impress green
5 .0
Aug 20 2019

Ancient Manjaro Wallpaper

Wallpapers Manjaro by nestort
This is almost the same as [url]
5 .8
Jun 05 2016

Manjaro & Arch 5 - Neon

Wallpapers Manjaro by nestort
with Blender and Yafaray engine. Matching KDM theme:
5 .8
Sep 16 2014

Manjaro Still Life - second view

Wallpapers Manjaro by nestort
with Blender, with LuxRender engine (you can find said previous wallpaper here: [url]
5 .8
Dec 21 2014