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KDE Partition Manager

System Software by VolkerLanz
KDE Partition Manager is a utility program to help you manage the disk devices, partitions and file
7 .5
Sep 01 2010


Developers Apps by pynm0001
This is a very simple template for KDE applications. By very simple I mean not only is it very
5 .0
Oct 19 2004

KDE Personal WebServer

Network by vitorboschi
KDE Personal WebServer is a utility made to ease file sharing in KDE. As a standard HTTP server
5 .8
Feb 19 2010

KDE 4 Notifications for Pidgin

Chat & Messenging by mrovi
). The purpose of this plugin is to offer a better integration of Pidgin and the KDE 4 desktop.
5 .8
Jan 22 2010

KDE Network Management

Network by wstephenson
KNetworkManager is the KDE front end for NetworkManager. It provides a sophisticated and intuitive
5 .0
Dec 17 2009

KDE4 Twitter Notifications

Browser by amoebe
A simple bash script that will check the twitter API for new tweets in your timeline and display notifications for new tweets. To install just put the script in your $PATH and edit the parameters (insert your twitter username and password) To run use: nohup & It polls the...
5 .0
Nov 18 2009


Various Games by qgqlochekone
Folk for kdeaddons-emulation, up to date and correctly integrated and packaged, for debian real
5 .0
Sep 14 2009

kopete-thinklight KDE4

Chat & Messenging by burnie
This kopete plugin lets a Thinkpad's light flash on every incoming message. The flash interval as well as the flash duration are configurable via GUI by the plugin. The kopete-thinklight plugin was inspired by gaim-thinklight...
5 .0
Mar 06 2009

KDE Priority handler

Utilities by Lilltiger
KDE Priority handler is an application that monitors the current active processes/applications
5 .0
Oct 29 2007

kgreet fprintd plugin for KDE-3.5.x

System Software by huangjz
Sorry, I can not make a screenshot with KDM/kdesktop locked. This is a fprintd kgreet plugin
5 .0
Oct 28 2013