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KDE PureFTPd User Manager

System Software by crissi
of the pureftpd server. Currently only the pureftpd.pdb database is supported. Kpum is a application for the KDE
5 .0
Dec 24 2004

KPeg - Peg Solitaire Game for KDE

Board by ronnyml
KPeg is an implementation of the Peg Solitaire Game. Peg Solitaire is a board game that consists of jumping over pieces (pegs) in order to remove them from the board. The goal is to remove all pegs but one in the shortest time possible. Currently, KPeg has 5 leves of difficulty and 3...
5 .0
Apr 23 2010

Quanta KDE DocBook Toolbars

Developers Apps by clwoelz
This is a collection of toolbars crafted specially for editing KDE DocBook, but you may find
5 .0
Oct 02 2004

KDE Realtime Scheduling toolset

System Software by renci
the screenshot gives an idea of what happens with this you can take all kdeinit tasks
5 .0
Mar 14 2004

Kepas - KDE Easy Publish and Share

Network by tpatzig
Kepas is a zeroconf KDE4 filetransfer tool. It discovers your local LAN for buddies (KDNSSD
5 .8
Jan 26 2009

Kup Backup System

System Software by sideshow
. This allows you to open files and folders directly from an archive, with any KDE application. - A file
8 .7
Jun 02 2020

KDE Software Installer (Debian, Kubuntu)

System Software by xadras
This program is a software installer for debian based distributions. It works similar to the adept installer. But it has some advantages/differences: * it uses direct apt * you can start install and start applications * i has an included systray icon * it starts faster * It can display...
5 .0
May 20 2008

kdpkg (KDE Debian package installer)

System Software by xadras
kdpkg is a frontend for dpkg. It helps you to install debian packages. It's similar to gdebi-kde
5 .0
Mar 11 2008
89. Search Plugin for Firefox

Utilities by paul21 Search Plugin for Mozilla Firefox Last update: 31/12/2006 Quick Install
5 .0
Aug 17 2007

kio-clucene, a search engine for kde

Utilities by trollichon
to the existing kde-framework. You can use kio-clucene from: - konqueror location-bar - kicker
5 .0
Jun 13 2005