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Developers Apps by gambas
MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite databases, pilot KDE applications with DCOP, translate your program
5 .0
Jul 16 2007


Developers Apps by cloose
messages in a tree and list form. Cervisia is shipped with the KDESDK package.
5 .0
Dec 19 2005

Kommander KPart Loader plugin

Developers Apps by sequitur
parser dead. [b]Note this is only available for the new 1.3 release of Kommander released in kdewebdev
5 .0
Feb 23 2008


Developers Apps by cdesmond
A KDE3 visual tool helping developers to analyze the profiling results generated by code profilers
5 .0
Jan 06 2004

BitRock Cross Platform Installer

Developers Apps by bitrock2
nicely with KDE and Gnome and makes use of GTK2 libraries if available. The installers can
5 .0
Aug 09 2010

Kommander HTTPform plugin

Developers Apps by sequitur
with kdewebdev 3.5.9[/b] Earlier versions are avaliable in the download section of our web site
5 .0
Feb 23 2008

Kommander KHTML plugin

Developers Apps by sequitur
requires version 1.3 of Kommander released in kdewebdev 3.5.9.[/b] This is not available for previous
5 .0
Feb 23 2008

Date Time Functions

Developers Apps by sequitur
NOTE: Requires Kommander 1.3 which shipped with KDE 3.5.9! This is an extensive date/time
5 .0
Apr 21 2008

Kate Symbol Viewer Plugin

Developers Apps by dragonlord79
Kate Symbol Viewer is a sidebar plugin for Kate that has been integrated in KDE since version 3.2.0
5 .0
Mar 16 2008

KD Executor

Developers Apps by kdabprodinfo
by Qt - Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux) and KDE applications. In addition, it contains a test environment which uses
6 .0
Mar 09 2005